So maybe you remember me? A longtime and huge Panic! at the Disco fan BUT this blog has been on hiatus since 2011. And I've decided to bring it back to post all the P!atD goodness again! Officially a Panic! at the Disco orientated blog.
Kiera dear! how have you been?

I apologize for my absence and not keeping in touch with you. June was a bad and stressful month for me but no worries since I'm on summer vacation now :D. but yeah, how are ya?? xD

My dear old friend it has been too long! ;D 

But really, I’ve missed your presence in my life. And it’s my fault just as much as yours. AND June has been very stressful for me too :( I got a job, right? And I’m working so hard. For the money. And I’m the only girl there Monday to Friday. But the guys are alright haha, I’m fitting in now thankfully.

You lucky thing… So relaxing, eh? But yeah, this is my summer job now til I go back to college in September. Music college! AHH I’m so excited. I’ve got so much to tell you! Maybe I should do the answer privately thing?? Heheh, I will tell you all about it as soon as you tell me what’s been going on with you! Why has it been a stressful month :(


I remember my sister and I always reenacted this whole film. Whilst watching it. On video. Repeatedly&#8230; Dear god we were weird children.

I’m sorry, he’s just cute, okay?
why don't you come on as much as you used to?


I just changed my info heheh

Dude, I never knew having a job was so tiring LOL and studying and trying to keep up some semblance of a social life. And I miss Panic! :( tumblr is like the one place to display my fannish nature and I’m having withdrawals… But I guess it’s not been terrible :}